Frequently Asked Questions


What is Contraline?

Contraline is a biotechnology company working to develop a better male birth control. Our reversible gel implant blocks sperm for however many years is needed, so men can enjoy life without the inconvenience of condoms or the trouble of getting a vasectomy.


Explain the lingo.

Echo-V is our polymer gel implant used to block the vas deferens, the tubes that transport sperm. It’s echogenic (visible with an ultrasound) and therefore easy to inject properly and to monitor during check-ups.

Vasintomy™ is our cutting edge procedure for implanting Echo-V. The procedure quickly and accurately injects Echo-V through the skin, so it’s as simple and painless as a flu shot. No incisions, scalpels, or sutures are required.


When will Echo-V be on the market?

We are currently starting the FDA-approval process. We predict that it will require 4-5 years before Echo-V is commercially available.


How can I help?

You can help in a variety of ways. If you are interested in our procedure or our mission, to get updates on news, breakthroughs, trials and more. When the time comes, you could even become a pioneer of male birth control! Also, feel free to follow and share us on Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in investing, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Additionally, if you are a practicing urologist interested in our technology, show your support by signing a letter of intent here.


Will Echo-V have side-effects?

Unlike a majority of female birth control options,  Echo-V is non-hormonal. Therefore, it’s anticipated there will be no systemic side-effects. We’re also making sure that Echo-V is biocompatible so it’s safe to be implanted in the body.


How much will the procedure cost?

We intend to have the price of the full procedure (administration of Echo-V, ultrasound check-up, and reversal) be comparable to the price of vasectomy. Many times, vasectomy is covered by insurance and we hope to have Vasintomy™ be covered as well. A primary mission of ours is to make the procedure easily accessible to all men.


Are men even looking for a new male contraceptive?

Yes! Men reach out to us regularly asking to participate in clinical trials. Surveys like this one have shown that over 55% of men would be willing to use a new male contraceptive. Furthermore, 90% of men believe that contraception is the responsibility of both men and women. In particular, men are excited about an option that is long-lasting and reversible, just like the IUD for women.


Are there medical benefits to Vasintomy™ compared to vasectomy?

Vasintomy™ is a non-surgical procedure consisting of a simple injection rather than incision and exteriorization of the vas deferens. A study published on July 10th, 2000 in BJU International showed that a percutaneous injection into the vas deferens results in significantly less pain, swelling, and hematoma than in vasectomy. Fluids and small molecules can travel through Echo-V, so there is reduced pressure build-up (a significant cause of pain in vasectomy patients).


How does Vasintomy™ and vasectomy reversal differ?

Vasintomy™ reversal is done by injecting a solution into the vas deferens. The solution de-polymerizes and flushes out Echo-V. This procedure is done under local anesthesia and takes less than 5 minutes. Meanwhile, a vasovasostomy (vasectomy reversal) is a three-hour long surgery that reconnects the two ligated ends of the vas deferens. It’s extremely expensive and has a success rate under 65%.


Does Echo-V stop ejaculation?

No. The vas deferens is responsible for transporting around 10% of the fluid in the ejaculation. Echo-V blocks sperm, but allows fluid to travel through, so the patient should not notice any difference after the procedure.


Where do the blocked sperm go?

The sperm that are blocked by Echo-V are degraded naturally by the body’s own immune system. The degraded material can then travel through the pores of Echo-V or be absorbed by the lining of the vas deferens.


How is Echo-V different from Vasalgel or RISUG?

Echo-V, Vasalgel, and RISUG are all gels that block sperm from traveling through the vas deferens. However, Echo-V is the first intra-vas device that can be inserted non-surgically and imaged with a standard ultrasound. Other IVD insertion procedures require an incision and are comparable to a no-scalpel vasectomy. Additionally, the imageability of Echo-V allows physicians and patients to know the gel was inserted properly and to know it’s still working properly years down the line.


Does Vasintomy™ prevent STDs?

Just like vasectomy, Vasintomy™ will not prevent STDs. Therefore, this option will be most attractive to committed couples.