Our Mission



Men only have two options: condoms and vasectomy.

Condoms are single-use, have a global failure rate of 18%, and dissatisfaction rate of 57%. Vasectomy is an effective method, but it requires surgery and it’s too permanent. Not to mention, potential side effects include granuloma, hematoma, and pain. The low chance of successful vasectomy reversal make condoms the only somewhat reliable contraceptive for young men who plan to eventually have children, but this method’s dissatisfaction and failure rate make it unappealing on the whole.


Our mission is to provide men with safeeffective, and appealing birth control

Each year, there are an estimated 211 million pregnancies around the world. 40% of pregnancies in the United States are unintended, signalling the massive shortcomings of today’s contraceptive methods.   These pregnancies can be high-risk for the mother and 40% end in abortions. A new male contraceptive can have tremendous social impact. This method will lighten the unreasonable contraceptive burden put on women and improve couples’ control in family planning.


Not only does Contraline offer a great contraceptive choice for men, but we envision providing a cost-effective approach to contraception that can benefit communities around the world.