Our Product

Echo-V is a polymer hydrogel that is implanted into the vas deferens for contraception. The hydrogel acts as a semi-permeable membrane, blocking sperm while allowing fluids through. The device is biocompatible and does not affect hormones in any way.


Echo-V is designed to last years. However, should the man change his mind, the gel can be dissolved and flushed out with a reversal solution.

Unlike a vasectomy, Echo-V does not require surgery. The device can be inserted non-surgically through a new medical procedure, Vasintomy™. The physician uses an ultrasound to implant Echo-V through the skin. No incisions, sutures, or scalpels are required.

gel graphic

Once implanted, Echo-V can be visualized with ultrasound to confirm a successful procedure and monitored years down the line during check-ups. The procedure is designed to take less than 5 minutes and have fewer complications than vasectomy.